Ivins Family

For the fourth of July we went up to visit Kimmie, Joshie and Sadie in Carson City. We had so much fun and decided that they live too far away! We can’t wait until they live closer so we can see them more often. Cary and Jeff hooked us up with cheap airplane tickets so we didn’t even have to drive. We got into Reno Thursday the 2nd at about 10:30 at night. Kim, Josh and Sadie were there to pick us up. They took such good care of us all weekend.

Friday morning after a delicious breakfast, we went 4-wheeling in the hills behind their house.

We packed a lunch and spent the whole day driving around. It was a warm day but the breeze up on top of the hills was nice and we ate lunch under some nice big trees.

We were planning on spending time at Lake Tahoe on the beach that evening but we were pretty tired already. After resting a bit at home, we went out to a yummy Mexican restaurant for dinner.

Saturday morning we drove up the canyon to go hiking. We hiked up to Winnemucca Lake and ate lunch and hiked back down.

It was a really pretty hike and fairly easy considering that I made it without too much trouble. 🙂 Sadie did really well too. It was her first time in her backpack carrier. Josh spent all morning making a little canopy out of coat hangers, electrical tape and a blankie to go over her head so that she wouldn’t get sunburned. She didn’t like it too much so by the time we were headed back home, Mom was carrying an empty pack and Dad was carrying a happy Sadie down the mountain.

We finished the day with BBQed steaks (thanks Josh!!) and a movie: Australia. We
were too tired to even go anywhere to see the fireworks…. I’m sure they were great.

Sunday after church, we took a nice long drive up around Lake Tahoe. We got out a couple of times to stretch, put our feet in the water and take pictures. It was so pretty. Someday we’ll have to go back and play in it.

Monday morning we were sad to fly back to Utah.
We had such a good time catching up with Kim and Josh and getting to know little Sadie. She really won our hearts. Derek was especially good with her. She would stare and stare at him and smile and coo when he would talk to her. So cute! Thanks so much Kim and Josh for such a good weekend! We miss you lots!


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