Adventure Date

As part of our weekly activities, we like to try and go out on a date at least once a week to try and get out a bit (we don’t get out a whole lot). We take turns planning the dates, which makes it fun (and a lot easier for me). A couple weeks ago, it was BriAnn’s turn to plan the date. She did an excellent job, she actually planned two dates!! Friday night we went to the disc golf course near our house and played a quick 9 holes. It was fun. We both threw our discs into the river, so I got to go wading to get them out, but it was fun. That was pretty much the bulk of the first date, the real fun came on Saturday!

Saturday afternoon rolled around and BriAnn started to reveal her plans for the evening. We’re going hiking! So, she had looked up a couple trails up American Fork canyon that we could hike. One was like 8 miles, another 3-4 miles and the last one would take like 15 minutes to hike. We figured since it was kinda late in the afternoon (and we’re lazy and out of shape) we’d pick the 3-4 mile one, so we got the map to the trail head, loaded up the camel-back with water jumped in the truck and we were off.

We had seen on the map that after getting up American Fork canyon a ways, the road went off onto a dirt road for a couple miles before we got to the trail head. We soon found out that the dirt road was not the dirt road we had expected. It was very bumpy, so we didn’t move much faster than about 15 mph. There were plenty of the 4-wheelers and other ATVs zipping past us with no problem though. We weren’t quite sure what to think about that, but we kept on trucking.

After about an hour of driving up the dirt road, and nearly being forced off the cliff trying to let another truck by on the tiny one lane road, we decided we’d had enough fun. We knew we were probably pretty close to the trail since we’d just passed a sign telling us which fork in the road to take, but we’d been driving a while and it was starting to get windy and looking like it was going to rain. We found a place to pull over, got out and took a few pictures of the beautiful scenery, enjoyed the great outdoors for a few minutes, then headed back down the mountain.

The ride down the mountain wasn’t too eventful. We started feeling hungry, so BriAnn revealed that she was planning on Cobblestone Pizza for dinner. Cobblestone is a tiny pizza place near our house that has really good pizza. The last couple times we’ve been there I pretty much ate like three-fourths of the pizza myself (which is not typical for me). So we got all excited for Cobblestone, got down the mountain, pulled into the parking lot ready to chow down and….. its empty! Cobblestone pizza is gone! Oh no!! We were so ready for Cobblestone and now we can’t have it, what are we going to do? We really didn’t know what to do. We decided we would drive through American Fork to see if we could find some small pizza joint to satisfy the hunger, but to no avail. We ended up settling for the Pizza Factory after driving all the way through American Fork and Pleasant Grove without finding anything better.

After dinner, we kinda took the long way home. We meandered back through American Fork looking for For Sale signs on houses. It was actually a really fun evening. BriAnn will tell you that everything went wrong, just because it didn’t necessarily go as planned, but it was a very fun date, and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything! Love you honey!



3 thoughts on “Adventure Date

  1. Hi Briann! I'm glad you made a comment on our blog! It will definitely help us keep in touch more now!! Even though it's really late…Congrats on getting married…you guys are cute!

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