Spirit Lake

We went camping the last weekend of July in the Uintas. We got a huge tent for our wedding and wanted to make sure we got some use out of it this summer so we invited Derek’s siblings to come with us. Thus began Sibling Adventure…

Derek took work off on Thursday so that we could stop in Vernal to see BFF Marcie and her hubby Ben and to go to the temple. We had lunch with them and got to see the progress on their new home. It was fun to see them if only for a little while. Then we went to the temple and I ran into one of my students. Kinda weird to see a student so far from home but we got her to take our picture. 🙂

That night we set up camp (with our HUGE tent of course!!) and roasted hotdogs for dinner. It was pretty chilly up there! A nice change from the hot weather we have had down here.

Friday we spent all morning and afternoon together fishing, going for a ride and hanging out waiting for the siblings. I had lots of fun taking pictures of the beautiful scenery.

The rest of the weekend we had a wonderful time fishing and eating and boating and eating and playing games and eating some more. What a fun memories we made! Thanks Christensen/Winter kids! Let’s do it again!


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