Welcome Home

Well, it took us a bit longer than we had originally hoped but it finally happened.  Monday afternoon, we finally got the keys to our new home!


Getting into the house has been somewhat of an adventure.  We first saw this home in late September.  We had been out looking at homes with our real estate agent Zac, but hadn’t seen anything too exciting.  We finished up for the evening and were getting ready for a fun weekend with family.  As we finished up, Zac mentioned to us he had found a home that was a bit older, and probably needed some work but that we should take a look at it and see if we were interested.  He offered to take us through the next day.  We figured we would be busy all day so we told him we’d take a look at it and maybe we’d go through on Monday.

On our way back, we drove by the home and immediately knew we needed to get in to look at the home.  We tried to figure out our schedule for the weekend and when we could get back to Pleasant Grove to look at the home. After BriAnn being anxious about it all evening, I called our agent early Saturday morning to see if we could go look at the home that day.  We went through later that day and really liked it, so first thing Monday morning we got the paperwork going to make an offer on the home.

For the most part things went well throughout the entire purchasing process.  We had originally hoped to be in by the end of October.  We were told at the beginning of the last week of October that we should have everything finalized by the end of the week, so we told our landlord to expect us out then.  The next day we were informed that things had got pushed back and we wouldn’t be closing until the next week. We decided that we would still like to be out of our cottage by the end of the week, so we contacted the selling real estate agent who kindly allowed us to drop all of our stuff in the garage of the house.  So by the end of the week we were homeless.

We spent the next week jumping between parents’ homes and my aunt Susie’s home, living out of our backpacks.  It was a stressful week and finally Friday afternoon we headed to the title company to sign all of the paperwork.  It was done.  Sadly, we still weren’t able to get keys until Monday, but the end was in sight.

Monday, November 9, 2009 I got off work a bit early so we could start cleaning the home as soon as we got the keys.  We got the call from our agent about 3:30 and immediately went to the home to meet the selling agent to give us the keys.  It was finally done.


Its been a very busy week since then.  There is still a LOT of cleaning and moving in to be done, but we’re in.  We got some great help from the Carter’s Monday night moving in and then my parent’s and cousin came down on Wednesday and did wonders in the yard, so we’re making a lot of progress and have a lot of good help.  We’re really enjoying it and are constantly finding little quirks that make it a very enjoyable home to live in.  We look forward to spending many years here together as a family.


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