Home Improvements

Here are pictures of upstairs bedroom #2.  The plan is to have it match the master bedroom.  We have had to do more to prep this one for painting though…. including scraping popcorn ceiling and pulling down wallpaper.  Luckily, both projects proved to be much easier than we expected.  The ceiling and walls, though covered in lovely purple paint, are in good shape and ready to paint.

We had a big project pop up in the midst of working on this room… Derek was trying to fix a drip in the bathroom sink and when we came back from the hardware store, we had a geyser in the bathroom and about 3 inches of water all throughout the kitchen.  It went down the heater ducts and drained (rather gushed) out downstairs in the den, family room, storage room and furnace room.  Nothing really precious to us was ruined.  We lost a couple of ceiling tiles and spent a week airing out all of the carpet but it could have been a lot worse!


3 thoughts on “Home Improvements

  1. That first picture made me laugh with you two and your masks!!I too enjoy watching the transformation. I'm all about moving into a house with no repairs necessary so I am very impressed what you guys are tackling. Can't wait to see the finished room #2!!

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