Yard Work

A couple of weeks ago our wonderful families came to spend a day helping us try to get our yard a little bit under control.  There is still so much work to do but after 9 truck loads to the green dump and about 7 hours of trimming and chopping and weeding, things are a bit more manageable.

We tried to pull up a huge pyracantha bush with my dad’s truck and a chain but ended up breaking the chain.  They went at it with the chain saw instead and cleared away the space.

You can see the stump where the bush used to be and the mess of vines and rosebushes that still remain to be reckoned with.   Here is the pile of thorns that used to be the pyracantha bush. 

Teri and Joanne spent the whole day in the flower beds and trimmed down lots of my overgrown rose bushes.  It looks so much better and I’m excited for them to bloom now!

Meanwhile, flowers have been popping up in all of our flowerbeds.  The little old lady who lived here before us loved flowers and had something blooming at all times of the year.  So far we’ve had daffodils, tulips, hiacinths, grape hiacinths and crocus.

Thanks to my mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, Aunt Susie and Uncle ElRay I’ve learned what all those flowers are and what they look like.  🙂  I am definitely not the gardener of the family!  Grandma was able to identify the pretty white ones as japanese anemone. 

Here is our yummy smelling cherry tree in bloom.  Too bad I only like the blossoms.

I’m excited to see what else comes up in the next few months!  We definitely have our work cut out for us.


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