Week in Paradise

Derek’s work sent him to Hawaii for a week and since school is out I got to go too!  Derek did a lot of work from a military base right at the Diamond Head crater on Oahu.  L-3 booked us a room at Waikiki Beach Marriott.  Here’s the view from our room.  You can see Diamond Head in the background.

The first three days I entertained myself while Derek worked all day and then we stayed a few extra days to see the sights.  One day I drove over to La’ie from our hotel to see Mikensi, a friend from high school who was finishing up her degree at BYU-Hawaii, and her baby Jae.  We ate at the Hukilau Cafe.  The cafe in the movie 50 First Dates was based on this little one we ate at.  We also walked around BYU campus and just visited. 

I also met up with Lorraine, one of my co-workers, and her daughter Kayla.  They were in Hawaii for a mother-daughter vacation.  We went to the Waikiki Zoo and had lunch together.  It was nice to have some friends to spend time with while Derek was working.

After Derek was finished working on Friday we drove around to see a lot of the island.  We “hiked” to a couple of little places, drove all the way around the island, ate at Romy’s shrimp truck (after a two hour wait….), went to the visitor’s center at the La’ie Temple, went to church and spent a day at Pearl Harbor.  The last two nights we stayed in a little town on the eastern shore called Kailua.  We stayed in a little bed and breakfast called the Sheffield House.  Kailua beach was a lot nicer and less crowded than Waikiki.  I wish we’d had more time to spend there.

We loved our week on Oahu.  I hope we can go again sometime and do everything that we didn’t have time to.  What a perfect way to wind down after the school year and to start off summer vacation!


5 thoughts on “Week in Paradise

  1. That looks like so much fun!! My parents went there about a month ago and they loved looking at your pics cause they knew all of those places! 🙂 By the way, your house is looking gorgeous!

  2. yay for hawaii!!! How fun!! The temple is beautiful eh? That's so cool that you got to see Mikensi and Jae!! It makes me want to go back!

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