It’s a Boy!

I found out I’m pregnant right before Easter.  I had suspected for a couple of weeks and mentioned it to Derek but I don’t think he took me too seriously.  I took a test early one morning before school and then I had to wait FOREVER until he came home from school that night at 8:30 to tell him.  I just left a card on his plate at dinner that said Congratulations Daddy! 

He didn’t suspect anything even when I started snapping pictures of him!  It was fun to see his surprised reaction.  He’ll be such a good dad.   

We waited until Mother’s Day to tell our families.  Those were the longest 6 weeks ever!  I almost blurted it out so many times but I’m glad I kept quiet.  Derek and I each made a card for our moms that said Happy Mother’s Day, Grandma! Love Derek, BriAnn and Baby Christensen (due Dec 8th).  We even got to tell Uncle Lee the news during his phone call home from the mission.  Ours will be the second grandchild on both sides. 

The only ultrasound we had scheduled was the routine one at 20 weeks.  That’s when we were expecting to find out the gender.  Since our little guy likes to hide from the heartbeat monitor, during our 16 week appointment this past Friday the doctor did a little ultrasound and we were able to see that it’s a little boy.  That was so fun!

I think I’m still the only one who can tell that my belly is getting bigger but here is some proof that I have been growing.  πŸ™‚ This is me at 8 and 16 weeks.
We are so excited and grateful for the chance to be parents.  I hope that we are up to the challenge!  I look forward the next few months as we get ready to have the little guy join our family.

10 thoughts on “It’s a Boy!

  1. Oh, so fun!! You look great! How cute to wear the same shirt in both pictures. Let's see how long you can do that for… hee, hee!! I'm excited for you to be a mom. It is so wonderful. I really do enjoy being pregnant, especially the first time and all the "firsts" so enjoy every second of it!! You are going to love having a little boy!!!

  2. congrats briann and derek!!! wahoo!! so happy for you- youwill be such a GREAT mama! you look adorable by the way. we will be having our second a few months after your little man makes his way:) oh how fun. i ll be up this summer sometime in august- maybe i ll see you??

  3. Julianna I'd love to see you when you are here! And congratulations! I didn't know you were expecting again! Let me know when you are going to be here and we can at least make it over to my parents for a visit. Maybe we could even get together with Anna too for old times sake. πŸ™‚

  4. We're so excited for you!!!! I can't describe it in words!!!! wahooooo!!! You always knew you would have a little boy first, right. πŸ™‚ hehehehehe We're gonna have to come to UT for x-mas so we can see you adorable baby boy!! Love ya and miss ya!!!

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