I wanted my summer project this year to be remodeling the bathroom.  My practical husband wouldn’t let me start on that project though until we finished our bedrooms completely.  So my summer project ended up being painting doors.  I did 3 bi-fold closet doors, 3 entryway doors and 4 french doors for the closets in the master bedroom.  I thought that project would only take a week or two and we’d be ready to move onto the main bathroom.  Yeah right.  We were finally able to hang the last of the doors over Labor Day weekend.  We are definitely still learning how to do things but I think they turned pretty nicely. 

 Closets in the master bedroom

 These are three of the doors in the hallway that I worked on.  You can see that we still need to repaint and carpet in the hall but the doors look alright. 🙂

Baby’s Room

Now can we start on the bathroom???  Whoever thought carpet belonged in bathrooms in the first place?  Sick.


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