Isaac Update

Isaac is doing very well!  He is more and more alert when we go to feed him and we enjoy all the time that we can spend with him.  He hates his feeding tube and has pulled it off his face a few times and clear out of his nose once.  He always loves to have his hands up by his face.

He is on light therapy for jaundice.  Here he is in his luchador mask as Grandpa Jeff calls it.  His bilirubin number is going down so we’re hopeful that today will be his last day under the lights.  That means we can hold him more and see his eyes when we visit.  🙂

 Last night when we went to feed at 10:00 p.m he was the most alert we have seen him.  He was content to just look around at the lights and at his parents.  It was so fun to see him so interactive.  He is learning quickly how to nurse and once he does, we’ll be headed home.  He gets better everyday.  We sure love our little guy!  Can’t wait to have him with us all of the time. 


Our Little One

We have had a very unexpected and exciting weekend. BriAnn has been performing her play Alice In Wonderland. She and the kids did very well, it was an excellent show! Saturday morning as we were relaxing at home BriAnn started noticing some contractions. We didn’t think much of it as she hadn’t had any her whole pregnancy, so we just figured it was the normal small contractions you feel a few weeks before birth. Contractions continued through the afternoon and on the way home after the play we were timing them about 5 minutes apart. I still wasn’t convinced she was in the labor, mostly because she was so early, but we got home and started packing our bag “just in case.” By the time I got the bag packed we had decided it was time to go to the hospital, so we checked in at 11:00 pm. She was at 3 cm and after an hour had only progressed slightly so after consulting with our doctor BriAnn got some drugs for the pain and we went home to try and rest a bit. BriAnn slept pretty good for about 2 hours then was in and out between contractions for a couple more hours. By 4 am we were back over to the hospital. She was now at 5 cm and they admitted us. BriAnn progressed about 1 cm/hour from there on. By about 9:30 she was ready to go, but our doctor was stuck in a C-section, so BriAnn had to sit tight for a few minutes. She did great throughout the entire labor. Our Hypnobirthing training helped to keep her calm and the nurses said she was a rockstar. I was very impressed with how calm she kept and how well she was able to manage the pain without an epidural.

Issac was born at about 10:50 am. He was 4 lbs 2 oz and 17 in at birth. Issac came a little more than three weeks early and was small even for a baby of his age. He was born with some respiratory problems including a collapsed lung. After the doctors in American Fork got him into stable condition and on the respirator they transfered him down to the NICU at Utah Valley Medical Center in Provo. He is doing well there just letting his little body grow.

We are very excited to have little Isaac with us. We will be even more excited when we can have him at home, but we are very pleased and grateful for the care that he is receiving.