I never knew something so simple and basic could become so complicated and frustrating!  🙂

Yesterday morning we came to feed Isaac and he was wide awake and happy as can be.  He had pulled out his feeding tube (again) and so we took the opportunity to snap some pictures of his cute face without the tube taped to it. 

He’s doing well.  He knows how to eat by nursing and by bottle feeding.  The trick is to get the doctors to say that he’s eating ENOUGH.  So we’re waiting patiently (Derek) and impatiently (BriAnn) for the day they’ll decide to let us go home.  We’re still at 3 feedings a day.  Next step is 4 times a day.  Then 12 hours straight.  Finally will be a 24 hour trial run with Mom doing all of the feedings during the day before they set us free.

Cuddling with Dad and Mom after an awesome feeding (he took almost his whole feeding orally that time!!)  
I love that sweet face!


3 thoughts on “Eating

  1. Can I just say he has the cutest little baby face? Yay for a successful feeding. I hope you can take him home for Christmas. That would be the BEST Christmas present ever right?

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