Christmas and New Year

We kind of laid low this year for the holidays following doctor’s orders to avoid being around lots of little kids during RSV/flu season.  We missed out on 4 family parties and getting to see family that we usually don’t get to see.  That was kind of hard.  Derek took a few days off though and we got to spend some much needed family time with just the three of us.  As soon as Isaac came home from the hospital Derek had to go back to work so we didn’t have much time with each other.

Isaac’s first over-night trip was to Harrisville on Christmas Eve.  Everyone was able to be there Christmas morning and it was really nice.  Ellie and Isaac got to meet for the first time.  She is very interested in him especially when he’s making noises.  We drove down to Springville Christmas day just in time to talk to Mitch calling from the Fresno mission.  He’s down to his last transfer before coming home February 9th!

New Year’s Eve we also spent in Springville.  Derek fixed Mom and Dad’s computers during the day and then we spent the night.  Eric, Jacquie and Otto spent the night too so we had a full house.  Otto was really sweet with Isaac.  He helped me bounce him in his chair, folded up the changing pad for me, was quick to put Isaac’s binky back in his mouth and gave lots of hugs.  It was fun to see them together.  New Years Day we drove to Ogden again for dinner and games.

Another highlight of the holidays was visiting with my friends who were in town from far away.  I got to see Cary, Kim & Sadie, Sarah and Bryan and Elizabeth and Brady.  I miss having them close by especially now that I have lots of time to play!  I’m glad we could see them.

Having Isaac home and being able to be home from work with him made this year a special one for me.  It was nice to be away from the fast-paced shopping frenzy and stress of school to focus on what matters most.


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