Spring Cleaning

I can’t wait for spring!  I’m ready for warmer weather!  We have lots of projects in our yard this year.  Last year we kind of just let it run wild.  We got to see what kind of plants and flowers we actually have out there.  We have some really fun flowers but we also are pretty much overgrown with weeds!!  This week I’ve gone outside as much as the weather has let me to rake leaves and pull weeds around the tulips and daffodils that are coming up.  I’ll never be done though!  There are too many flower beds for me to keep up with.  At least it will look a little better than last year!

We are getting excited to plant our vegetable garden too.  We didn’t get a chance to do it last year with all of our other house projects and our summer traveling.  We are also hoping to harvest some fruit from our four fruit trees.  In the fall we had our two sycamore trees, our willow tree and our cherry tree trimmed by Ixta Tree Experts.  (They did a really nice job for a great price by the way!)  Just a couple of weeks ago they came back to do our apricot and two apple trees.  Hopefully we’ll be able to keep the fruit instead of just letting the birds eat it!  Mr. Ixta also pulled out the stump of our ginormous pyracantha bush that we cut down last year and could never remove completely.  I’m sure glad to have that out of there.

It feels good to be finally cleaning up the yard a little bit and I love that I have the time to do it while I’m at home with Isaac.  This week every day that is nice outside there will be more weeding and tilling and pruning for me!


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