And so it begins

I am so ecstatic to announce that we no longer have carpet in the bathroom!!  In fact, we now only have one bathroom in commission while we remodel.

My super mom and dad came over Saturday to help Derek demolish the main bathroom and take everything out.  I was not sad to see the matching yellow tub, toilet and sink go.

The plan is to put in a claw foot tub with a shower like this. (My favorite is #9 on this page)

We bought PVC wainscoting for the walls that looks like this.

A vanity with a seamless sink and counter top from Parr Cabinet Outlet in Salt Lake.

Tile on the floor NOT carpet (can you tell I’m a little excited about that part?)

Hopefully in the next couple of months we’ll be able to find enough time to work on it.  Of course I timed this project perfectly with Derek’s end of semester projects and finals.  So we’ll see how much we get done between yard work, home work and house work.  Updates to follow!


4 thoughts on “And so it begins

  1. How exciting! It looks like a huge project, but I'm sure it will be totally worth it. Can't wait to see how it turns out! PS. Isaac is such a doll! Wish I could be there to get to know him better.

  2. oooo fun! We are hoping to finish our downstairs bathroom this summer. I don't think it will be the big ordeal that your bathroom reconstruction project will be, but at least we can lament to one another 🙂

  3. What a great project! I think it is so awesome that you guys can do it yourself!! Fixing up a house looks really fun! I know it's a lot of work, but just being able to make it your own makes it exciting! Good luck!!

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