5 Months

I can’t believe how fast the time is going.  I realized the other day that Isaac is as old as cousin Ellie was when he was born!

Isaac is on the verge of sitting up.  He can balance really well when he’s leaning forward playing with something in front of him. 

He is really good with his hands and feet and uses them to play with all of his toys.

He gives us “kisses” a lot.  He’ll grab our faces to pull us toward him and then plant big open mouth slobbery kisses on our cheeks.

He rolls from front to back a lot so he doesn’t get much tummy time anymore.  He always just ends up on his back.

He loves looking at the color red.

We just got a stroller and we like to take walks as a family especially with the weather getting warmer.

We sure love him!

3 thoughts on “5 Months

  1. Oh! I love going on walks! Ellie never gives us kisses, even though I try and get her to. I just realized this week that Ellie has been out of my belly longer than she was in it! Crazy! Time goes by so fast!

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