Isaac’s First Vacation

My good friend and former co-worker Rae McAdams invited me to spend some time in California with her.  She likes to camp at South Carlsbad Beach for a couple weeks every summer with her friend Heather and Heather’s family.  Isaac and I flew out while Heather’s family was at Disneyland to keep Rae company and to enjoy the sun. 

I have always vowed I would never fly with a baby because they always cry and I didn’t want to annoy everyone on the flight.  Never say never I guess!  Needless to say, the part of our trip that I was most nervous about was flying with a six month old by myself.  Isaac was fabulous though and everyone was so nice!!  Isaac slept most of both flights and I had so many people offer to help me.  That was such a blessing.

We flew to Phoenix and then to the Ontario airport which is very close to where my friends Sarah and Bryan are living right now.  They were nice enough to come and pick us up and let us spend a night with them.  Isaac loved playing with their dogs.  I wished I had gotten a picture of Isaac with Moses and Abby.  They were very friendly and so good with Isaac.  🙂  It was so fun to spend time with Sarah and Bryan and to catch up on life.  Miss you guys!

The next day Sarah drove Isaac and me half way to Carlsbad and Rae came to pick us up.  We spent the next three days laying in the sun, reading, napping and playing in the ocean.  It was so relaxing.  Isaac liked the feel of the sand on his feet but was not a big fan of the 60 degree water!  He cried everytime I got him wet.  Oh well.  Maybe next time.  🙂

Thursday we packed up camp and drove to Vegas with Rae for a couple of shows and dinner.  We saw Nathan Burton’s magic show (from America’s Got Talent apparently which I do NOT recommend… he was kind of terrible), buffet at the Flamingo and then saw the Blue Man Group.  I loved the Blue Man Group!  They were very entertaining.  I’d like to go see them again.  Then we spent the night in St George before driving home. 

Isaac doesn’t love being in his car seat for long periods of time but he was such a trooper.  He slept a lot and was pretty good about playing with his toys while he was awake.  There were only a couple of times that he screamed because he was DONE driving.  Luckily it was right before our pit stops in Barstow and Vegas.  

We missed Derek who had to stay home to work and do an insane amount of homework but we had a great time.  It was nice to get away for awhile and to break up the routine a little bit.


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