7 Months

I don’t know why but seven months sounds so much older than six months.  We’re on the downhill side of a year already!  I never truly believed people when they said time goes by so much faster when you have kids.  I do now.

Isaac is rolling everywhere and he scoots like a little inch worm.  No crawling yet but he’s building up his arm muscles.  Soon….

The other day he was “helping” me do laundry and he pulled himself up to the laundry basket.  I was kind of shocked!  He’s not supposed to do that yet….

He blows raspberries all day and smacks his lips. 

He starting to demand food from our plates whenever we are eating. We have been giving him some little baby cereal-y snacks but he can’t quite get them in his mouth by himself. He concentrates really hard on picking them up in his little fist. Then he shoves his whole fist in his mouth but doesn’t know how to release the goodness before pulling his hand out again. This process makes him REALLY frustrated and he eventually demands that we feed him like a baby bird. It’s fun to watch him learning though.

Isaac laughed this month! It’s pretty much the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard. He’s still not much of a giggler but every once in awhile when we tickle him, he lets a chuckle or two escape.

Pretty much we have the cutest kid ever. Just saying.


One thought on “7 Months

  1. Kids are so fun! And Isaac is at a fun age! I bet you are enjoying every minute of it!P.S. I got your comment on the blog…I am trying to play catch up so I can post about Baby Zach! I am finishing April today, so check it in a few days and I should have something posted 🙂

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