Family + Summer = Awesome

I have had the best week and a half ever! (June 25 to July 4) The week of awesomeness started a little more than a week ago actually. For some reason Derek and I had in our minds that the final for his summer class was going to be the last week of June. It was the best day ever to find out that we had miscalculated and his final was a week earlier! Yay! One less week of class and dreadful HOMEWORK!!! Even better news came later when we found out that Derek got an “A” (for awesome of course) in the class. It has been a pretty intense class so all of this good news came as such a relief to the whole family.

After Derek’s final we got to spend a week (most of one anyway) relaxing in Park City with the Christensen clan. We spent our time pretty much doing nothing. We took Isaac swimming for his first time. (He was not a fan of the big kids splashing him but the second time around he started warming up to it). We watched movies, ate junk food, played games and just loved hanging out with the family. We especially did NOT do any homework. That was awesome.

The first few nights (Saturday-Monday) we got to hang out with just the siblings as Mom and Dad were at another family reunion. After three days of sibling adventure, we took a break from Park City to spend a day at LaGoon with the Hitchcock family (Tuesday). It was a pretty different day from my old roller-coaster-riding times at LaGoon because of 1. Isaac and 2. being preggers with baby number two. But we still had a lot of fun. We watched cousin Otto go on lots of rides and we took Isaac on the train and the carousel. Pretty awesome.

We came home for a couple days (Wednesday and Thursday) to let Derek go to work but then we headed back to Park City more vacation (Friday-Saturday). This time it was just us and the parents. Again, we just hung out. We did make it to Peoa to hear Blue Sage do a little concert. Way more awesome than I expected.

Saturday we packed up our gear in Park City and went to Roy for cousin Ellie’s first birthday party. So fun! You can read about it on The Winter’s blog. It too was very awesome. Especially the cake and Ellie’s cuteness of course.

Sunday and Monday were spent at the Carter’s. Sunday dinner with the family minus Eric and Jacquie, sourdough pancakes with Grandpa Ralph Monday morning and a family BBQ (including E and J) Monday evening. With aerial fireworks now legal in Utah, we got to see a pretty neat show as we drove home from Springville to Pleasant Grove. Completely awesome.

Next on the awesome list: attacking the weeds in our much neglected vegetable garden and finishing that blasted bathroom! Wish us luck!


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