When six girls live together in a small apartment, there is usually drama.  In fact, when TWO girls live in a BIG apartment, there is usually drama! There are little incidents of cattiness and arguments over unimportant things and lots of boy related jealousy.  Coming from a home of only brothers, I didn’t realize this anomaly existed until moving away to college.  Even so, in the past ten years, as I’ve lived with roughly 30 different girls, I have only had to experience mild cases of unpleasantness.  I’ve been really blessed.

One year at college was a particularly easy one for me.  BFF Kim and I moved in with another friend Kerianne and three girls we didn’t know yet but whom we quickly loved: Marietta, Alisa and Angela. We just clicked and have stayed good friends ever since.

We were able to nail down a day this June when all six of us with our husbands and kids (minus one hubby, Josh) could get together to barbecue, visit and let the kids play in the water. Oh and eat fruit pizza, of course. It’s been about 8 years since all of us have been able to be together so it was quite an accomplishment and such a nice reunion.

Among the six of us we have 12 kids (5 girls, 7 boys) with three more babies due within the year (Kim, Marietta and me). The kids’ ages range from 6 years old (Marietta’s) to 6 months (Kerianne’s). I was a little worried about how to entertain 12 kids under 6 for longer than 30 seconds but the slip-n-slide and kiddie pool were a magical success.

The year we lived together we learned a lot from each other and with each other. Since then, we’ve all had different life experiences; from missions to marriages; from graduate school to home ownership and even several kids in the hospital. As we were visiting the other day, I realized that we still have a lot we can learn from each other. I really enjoyed spending time with those wonderful girls and hope that it won’t be another 8 years before we can do it again.


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