Does Anyone Else Play Dress Ups?

Do any of you other moms of baby boys play dress ups? 

Much to Derek’s horror, every once in awhile I do dress up day with Isaac.  Usually it’s when he is growing out of one size and not quite ready for the next.  I have to get him to try on all of the clothes in the next size so I know which ones fit!  Right??  Up until now Isaac hasn’t seemed to mind.  But now that he is pretty much always on the move, dressing up is not his favorite activity. 

I still love it though.  🙂  I found this adorable dino outfit with his 6-9 month clothes.  I wish he wasn’t already too big for it.  It would make the cutest Halloween costume ever.

 “Really Mom?  I can’t believe you’re making me wear this.”

5 thoughts on “Does Anyone Else Play Dress Ups?

  1. Isaac is adorable in the costume! And yes! My boys love to dress up. They dress themselves up. I have seen dragons, ninjas, Stars Wars guys, nerf blasters, etc. It's fun to see the creativity come out. I tried hiding their Halloween costumes, but they kept finding them and wearing them. So I stopped hiding them!

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