8 Months

Isaac has learned so much in the past month… most of which he’s actually picked up in just the last week or two! 

Isaac LOVES to stand.  He tries to pull himself up to everything and to climb over everything.  He has no fear.  He is so wobbly on his little legs but he’s determined to stand up.  His only problem is he lets go and then crashes.  He’s getting better at controlling his crashes though.  He is learning to let go when he is finished standing so that he can fall on his bum and go on his way. 

He’s kind of a little acrobat.  He still hasn’t mastered the crawling thing but he can get wherever he wants to go by rolling/scooting.  He scoots on his side sometimes and just gets himself into the strangest positions.  He likes to get on his hands and feet with his bum in the air and his head on the ground. 

Last weekend he learned how to get back into a sitting position from his tummy.  One time I came into his room after a nap and he was just sitting up in his crib waiting for me.  Time to move the mattress to the lowest position!! 

Isaac has discovered all sorts of new sounds.  Ga, ba, da, tha, la, kkk and uuuuuuhhhhh all happened about the same day.  We try to get him to say “da da” a lot but he only does it in a whisper voice.  Very cute.

One random thing he does: when he sneezes I usually laugh at him and say “Bless you.”  So now whenever he sneezes he looks at me with a special smile (one that I only see after he sneezes) as if to say, “Ha ha I’m so funny!”  I love that smile!

A couple of times this week we’ve had the Disney Pandora channel going and at the beginning of some of the songs, Isaac looks up at the computer and starts “singing” in this high pitched voice.  It’s pretty cute.

Isaac LOVES people.  He loves anyone who will play with him and smile at him.  He has started freaking out whenever Derek or I leave the room.  But when Uncle Eric and Aunt Jacquie were at our house last week, he cried when Eric left the room too!  He talks to the people in line behind me at the grocery store all the time too.  He’s making Derek and I become more outgoing than we are used to!

He keeps us on our toes that’s for sure.  I can’t wait to see what he learns in the next few months.  Love you Isaac!


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