Two heads are better than one

This last week was our twenty week appointment with the doctor, which of course means the big ultrasound and if we want, we get to find out the gender of the baby. BriAnn was hoping for a girl, and of course I would always tell her it was going to be a boy. Well, when we got in to do the ultrasound, the technician first asked us if we were going to want to know the gender, and then right after she got the image up on the screen she asked…. “Did you know you’re having twins?”

That caught us completely off guard! We were not expecting that at all! So, needless to say we spent most of the rest of the ultrasound just trying to figure out what we’d been told, not really paying much attention.

Now, that we’ve had a bit of time, we’re very excited to have two little boys coming to join our family. Its going to be crazy having 3 boys under 13 months running around the house, but we’ll handle it… hopefully. Here are the two little guy’s faces:


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