9 Months

Height: 27.7 inches (50%)
Weight: 15 lbs 5 oz (under 3%)

Isaac is crawling everywhere these days.  He has gained more confidence and will follow us from room to room.

He loves standing more than anything.  He pulls himself up, balances with one hand, lets go and lands on his bum.  Then he crawls to another piece of furniture and does it all again.

He giggles more easily now.  He’s starting to imitate the sounds that we make and he plays copy cat with us.

He is starting to clap his hands and wave.  

Isaac’s favorite place to go is the grocery store.  He loves all the people and the lights and colors.  And especially riding in the shopping cart.

He loves to be with people and in new places.  He stayed two nights with my family while I was in Cedar City and Derek was working.  Mom said he didn’t even miss us!  I’m glad he did so well.

He especially loves playing with other kids.  He gets right in their faces and wants to be right where they are.  Sometimes I think the other kids don’t appreciate him being in their personal bubbles so much.  We’ll have to work on that…

He has turned into such a different kid the past few weeks.  He understands so much around him.  He interacts with us differently than he has before.  It’s fun to see new sides of his personality emerging. 


2 thoughts on “9 Months

  1. You're getting so big Isaac! I can't believe it. Live it up with your parents and house to yourself. In a short few months you will be defending your own personal bubble.

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