24 Weeks

Four weeks after our life-changing news, we are finally getting over the shock and beginning to see how much fun twins will be.  I’m starting to notice twins everywhere we go and getting excited for this new adventure.

We got to see the babies again on Friday at our doctor’s appointment. They are both growing well and each weigh 1 lb 5 oz.

 Twin A Profile
 Twin B Profile

People still tell me I look tiny.  I feel huge.  I guess that’s how it goes though.  I’m pretty sure I am as big as I was when Isaac was born.  And we still have over 10 weeks to go!  🙂  What do you think?

2 days before Isaac was born (36 weeks)                  24 weeks pregnant with twins

As funny as it sounds, the bigger I get, the better I feel.  The bigger the babies get, the bigger I get and the bigger the chance we’ll have of not repeating the NICU experience.  So bring on the baby belly!  Let’s just hope my body can handle it!


2 thoughts on “24 Weeks

  1. Ha, ha, ha, ha!! I'm laughing because either you were really small with Isaac or you are really big now! You look adorable. Just the other day I was telling Tyler that I see twins everywhere I go now too. When you are going through it, you notice it more. I still need to call you so we can talk. I'm just so excited for you. You only have two more weeks to go and that is when I was put on bed rest! Let's hope you don't go down that route! You look great and it sounds like you are so happy!! Love you lots and lots and lots!!

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