10 Months

Isaac loves being chased by his dad. It’s pretty ridiculously cute if I do say so myself.

He laughs so much more now when he’s tickled or whenever he thinks something is funny.  I can’t get enough of it.  I love baby laughs.

He has discovered his tongue the last couple of weeks so it’s always hanging out.  Of course he also licks everything. His mother thinks that’s kind of gross but what do you do?

His favorite toys are currently the dishwasher, his clothes drawer and the Tupperware cupboard. He pretty much loves anything that he can open and close.

We are currently trying to replace his bottle with a sippy cup so he’s kind of mad at me right now. It would be nice to have him out of the bottle drinking stage before the twins come.

He’s also working on his first (yes FIRST) tooth right now.  This adds a little bit to his grumpiness.  I hope it comes in soon.


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