11 Months

This month has flown by!  I’m going to be the mom of a one year old soon!  Yikes!

Isaac has started waving “hi” and “bye” to people.  He especially loves to do this from his high chair for some reason. 

He can say “ma ma” and “da da.”  In fact “da da” is his favorite right now.  The other day he crawled over to the front door, stood up and yelled “Da Da!” as loud as he could.  When Dad comes home from work Isaac goes into super hyper excited mode and won’t let his daddy out of his sight without hollering.  It’s fun to watch.  They don’t get to see each other on Tuesdays and Thursdays because Derek gets home from school after Isaac goes to bed so the time they have together is pretty special.  We all love our three day weekends together.

Isaac’s favorite toys are currently the cell phone, the iPad, the computer mouse and the camera.  Guess who he learned that from….

We’re trying to get him to walk before the twins come.  He’s still a little hesitant but he is getting stronger.  He’ll let go of the furniture now by himself every once in awhile.  He can walk with Mom and Dad holding on with only one hand.  He just needs a little more confidence and encouragement. 

Still no teeth.  Two on bottom are almost in and two on top are beginning to show signs of surfacing but nothing has broken through yet.  They don’t seem to be bothering him though so that’s okay with me! 

We love you Isaac!


One thought on “11 Months

  1. Aw, sweet boy!! Love the tongue picture. I can't believe he's so close to walking and all that talking. Jacob didn't get any teeth until his 1st birthday too. You are so close to having three in your house. I can't wait… Oh, and congrats on the pilot! Super fun!!

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