1 Year!

It’s amazing to me how this:

turned into this:

in such a short amount of time!  I have had so much fun being a mom and watching this baby boy grow. 

He’s still growing at below the 3rd percentile but at least he’s consistent!  He weighs 17 lbs 8 oz and is 29 inches long. 

He stands on his own now and will be walking before too long.  He loves his new walker toy that Grandma and Grandpa Carter got him for his birthday.  It has given him so much more confidence.

He has lately developed his own babble language and talks to me as if I know exactly what he’s saying.  He is starting to change the inflection in his voice.  No real words yet.  Just Mom and Dad.

On his first birthday he finally played patty-cake by himself.  I know it’s kind of late but he has never wanted to clap by himself until now.  So cute!

He has TWO teeth now.  Both bottom ones are in.  Four more on top are getting close and making him a little grumpy.  

He kisses all pictures of mom and dad that he can find.  And he smells all of the flowers in his books.  Sometimes I think he gets kisses and sniffs confused though because he smells lots of pictures of mom and dad too.  🙂

We had a little birthday gathering on Sunday with mine and Derek’s families.  We had dinner together and everyone helped frost cupcakes before eating them and opening presents.  It was really fun.

Thanks everyone for coming!  Happy Birthday Baby Isaac!

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