Double the fun!

They’re here! Yes, that’s right, the twins have arrived. We knew it was coming, I kept telling BriAnn she had to wait just a few more days, but she wouldn’t listen, and those boys wouldn’t listen either.

We got to spend Saturday afternoon with the Carter’s celebrating Bryce’s birthday, which was very nice, but by the end of the night BriAnn was feeling contractions pretty consistently, so we left Isaac with Grandma and Grandpa and headed home. When we got home we decided the contractions were close enough we had better head to the hospital, so we got our stuff together and headed down the hill to the hospital.

BriAnn did great all the way through the labor and delivery. She was a little worried about the Epidural, but she braved the big needle and I think it really helped her get through the twelve hours of labor. At about 9:30 am on Sunday we got moved into the operating room where she would have the twins. Here I am all dressed up for the OR:

BriAnn had a bit of pushing to do before they were ready to come, but she pushed a little to quickly. At 10:13 Carter Curtis Christensen was born. The doctor was off finishing up another delivery, so the charge nurse got to deliver him. The doctor walked in shortly after and Cooper Keith Christensen was born just 7 minutes later at 10:20.

Both babies have had a few minor complications so they’ve been in the NICU at AF hospital, but they’re doing very well and we’re hoping we get to take them home soon. We’re so excited and happy to have them here and can’t wait to get them at home with the rest of our family.


3 thoughts on “Double the fun!

  1. Well done BriAnn! You are amazing. All four of your boys are so lucky to have you. Can't wait for more pictures and to meet these little guys. Hope you all get to be home together soon.

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