Twins: One Month

Time goes by so fast doesn’t it?   These two guys have been around for a month now and been at home for over two weeks.  I am super happy to be at home with all of my boys.  I literally spend every minute of my day changing diapers and feeding babies, leaving little room for housework or even showering.  If I’m lucky, I get about a 45 minute rest when all three are napping.  My days are full but I am having a lot of fun. 

Isaac is getting more and more used to the idea of his brothers.  He likes to “help” with changing their diapers and burping them.  He loves to point out their belly buttons and to tickle their feet.  My favorite is when he goes back and forth between the two giving them kisses.  I wish I had more pictures of him interacting with the babies but I’m usually trying to make sure he’s not trampling them or flinging them out of their bouncy chair at the same time that he’s “helping.”

The babies are eating and growing and sleeping well.  They each weigh around 7 lbs.

I love this picture!  Brotherly love..
***Isaac’s words: Ma ma, Da da, Uh-oh, fish, shoes
He also makes the doggy sound

2 thoughts on “Twins: One Month

  1. Time sure flies when you are having fun!! Oh, I just love that last picture. Ellie does that to Drew all the time!!! Such sweet, sweet boys Bri!! How blessed you are. I hope you have such a wonderful day tomorrow with them!

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