Cooper and Carter                                             
Christmas was very different for us this year.  It was the first time we had our “own” Christmas morning at our house.  After opening a few presents with Isaac we went to Springville to go to church with my family.  I LOVE when Christmas is on a Sunday.  What a perfect way to begin the day that we celebrate our Savior’s birth.  We spent Christmas day with the Carters and the next two days with the Christensens.  
Isaac had a lot of fun opening presents.  I wasn’t sure if he would get into it or not but by the end of the day he had it down.  As soon as we got home from all of the festivities, he started unwrapping all of the presents that we still had left under the tree.  He had never bothered them before!
Here he is clapping after opening a book from Grandma Joanne. 

And I just love this picture.  The cute beanies were made by Auntie Jacquie. 


2 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. Soooo cute!! Love the beanies and those Christmas Santa outfits. Hee, hee!! Are you getting any work done over there with all that cuteness going on?!?! Looks like you are having so much fun, which you ought to be having. 🙂

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