Twins: Two Months

Carter is 9 lbs 4 oz and 21 3/4 inches
That is about the 10th percentile!  Pretty good for one of my preemie babies.
He is my little smiley guy and he is starting to talk to me a lot.  I’ve even caught him cooing at Isaac when he gets close enough.  He is very easy going and strong.  He is holding his head up and putting weight on his legs.  His hair is still pretty thick although I think it’s getting lighter.  I enjoy styling it after bath time.

Cooper is 8 lbs 13 oz and 21.2 inches.  He is quickly closing the gap in size between his brother and himself.  He is a pretty content baby but he’ll work himself into a pretty good tantrum if his demands aren’t met right away.  He smiles and coos at us and holds his head up.  He really enjoys tummy time and has fallen asleep several times on his belly.  Sadly, he is experiencing some baby balding.  I’m sure he will have old man hair very soon.  Isaac did the same thing.

Isaac adores these babies.  He says “uh-oh” anytime they don’t have pacifiers in their mouths and then proceeds to shove place the binkies in the babies’ eyes and noses.  Occasionally he’ll even hit his mark and the binky will go in a baby’s mouth, although this is rare.  He loves to help rock the babies, sing to them, feed them, burp them and change their diapers.  He gets really upset with me when I use the bulb syringe on them to extract boogers.  I guess he can relate to their discomfort and he will push me away whenever I try to use it.  What a good big brother!


2 thoughts on “Twins: Two Months

  1. That's so sweet! They are so adorable! I'm glad you keep posting cause it's the only way I see what's going on! 🙂 (Oh, and although he'll deny it, Eric really likes to look at it too…) Don't know if you knew, we're moving back to Utah in May, so hopefully we'll see a little more of you guys!

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