Twins: Four Months

I was a little disappointed at their weights (Carter: 11 lbs 6 oz; 2% and Cooper: 10 lbs 8 oz; 0%) when we went to the doctor’s office.  They are eating a lot better than Isaac did and I’m keeping my milk up better… so I thought.  But, they both dropped down below their normal percentiles.  In fact, Isaac was 10 lbs 13 oz at his 4 month check up so Cooper has fallen behind him.  Oh well.  The doctor isn’t worried so I’m not either.  I was just hoping for a little bit bigger babies this time around. 

 Both Carter and Cooper have rolled from their tummies to their backs.  They don’t do it all of the time but they can.  Carter is close to rolling from back to front as well. 

Their smiles are so much fun and still their best accomplishment!  They love to talk and laugh with us in the mornings.  Carter will even laugh mid-cry sometimes when I come in to soothe him.  Funny boy. 

They still haven’t noticed each other at all but they sure watch Isaac.  Isaac is starting to play with them more and more.  He imitates their sounds, gets them toys and their binkies, shares his blankie with them, gives kisses and pats their heads.  Derek asked Isaac to read Carter a story last night while Derek was feeding Cooper.  He got “Goodnight Moon” out and plopped down next to Carter to read.  I love it. 

We have had some yucky colds this past month so although the last time I posted I said they were sleeping 12 hours at night, that quickly stopped once we all got sick.  They finally just had another 12 hour night this week but last night was another up-all-nighter.  So we’re working on getting back to our “normal” (whatever that is) routine. 

Funny story from this month:
The day before I realized all three babies were sick, they were super cranky and just not acting like themselves.  I swaddled the babies up for their naps, put their binkies in and rocked them in the glider in the nursery to help soothe them to sleep.  At that moment Isaac was also being super needy so he grabbed his blankie and climbed up into my lap.  Within 30 seconds, all three were snoozing soundly.
 And I was stuck. 
I had a list of things that I needed to do during nap time (who doesn’t?) so I was kind of anxious about just having to hold them for their entire naps.  Derek was downstairs working but I couldn’t yell for him.  I didn’t have my cell phone on me to call him.  I started praying that he would come upstairs for a drink of water or something.  I could hear his podcast going so I just knew he wouldn’t come up until that was over.  I rocked for about 15 minutes and had just decided to lay my head back and nap with them when the doorbell rang.  Yay!  I was saved!  Since I didn’t go to the door, it rang again.  Derek came up after the second ring to answer the door.  It was my cute neighbor bringing me a little flower.  She just felt like I needed to know that there is more to the world than I can see in my secluded existence and that it will get easier.  Well she definitely answered my prayer but not in the way I think she expected! Derek came to find me and we had a good chuckle about the whole situation.  I wish I could say that after we put all the babies in bed I got everything on my list done and they slept blissfully for 2 hours.  I think I got a whole 20 minutes in before they were all wailing again.  Kind of made me feel like my “rescue” was all in vain.  But 20 minutes is 20 minutes, right!?


4 thoughts on “Twins: Four Months

  1. oh wow Bri!! That's funny. It's amazing how even with just two hands you can hold three babies on your lap huh? You just make it work. I pray that they are sleeping better for you and everyone is feeling better as well.

  2. great story. i can say i have been in a similar situation, but how similar can it be when it's one baby and not three? you are a fantastic mom. my sister and i were talking the other day and marveling at you and all you are able to handle. you rock!

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