Twins: Five Months

 Carter and Cooper are roughly 13 and 12 pounds according to the bathroom scale.

They are rolling both directions and I always find them in different positions than I left them.

People always ask how I can tell the boys apart.  I’m the mom so of course there are a million ways but this next picture shows one of them: their smiles.  (Okay so I know it looks like Cooper is snarling more than smiling but it was a smile I promise.)  Carter’s smiles are most often open-mouthed and huge.  Cooper wrinkles his nose and squints his eyes a little bit.  (Now can you see it??)

Carter is so good at using his hands now.  It is no longer safe for him to sit on our laps at the dinner table because he is a plate grabber.  He grabs for toys and books and his brothers.  He also has become quite the squealer.  He still smiles so easily and he loves to laugh.  Oh, and he’s losing his hair.  😦

Cooper has the rolling thing down so well.  I found him stuck under the coffee table earlier this week.  He has been making motor boat sounds lately and as a result is drenched in spit constantly.  He also likes to smile and laugh and is a pretty content baby as long as someone is talking to him.  He is turning into a little attention hog.

Highlight of this month:  The twins finally noticed each other!  I have not been around many twins and so I didn’t know that it would take them awhile to start playing with each other.  You always hear about twins who are super attached to each other even right after they are born so I assumed that’s how it would be.  I’m sure it is with some kids but not with my twins.  They didn’t seem to mind being together OR apart.  But this month they have finally started smiling at each other.  They grab each others hands and toys and ears and faces.  This morning I found them on their sides looking at each other and just jabbering away.

Pretty sure this was my favorite mother-of-twins moment so far. 🙂

One thought on “Twins: Five Months

  1. Ooooooh!!! I love it! Thanks for taking me through the pictures and explaining their differences. I think the older they get the more they look alike, but that's just me. I love them looking at each other and how they are noticing each other now. It's soooo cute!!! 🙂

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