Zoo Day

We have been wanting to take Isaac to the zoo or the aquarium for a long time since he has been showing a lot of interest in animals.  We finally got a day planned and then he got sick (more about that later…).  The morning of our zoo date, Isaac was acting so much better than he had all week so we decided to go for it. 

We packed up a lunch and the triple stroller and had a BEAUTIFUL day at the zoo.  It just so happened that it was “National Multiple Birth Awareness” day so there were lots of twins (and triplets!) there. 

After I realized that we weren’t the only ones sporting a ginormous limo stroller, I relaxed and had a good time. 

Isaac loved it!  And the babies were glad to be outside.  We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect trip.


One thought on “Zoo Day

  1. What a great day. I love that they had that National Multiple Birth Awareness Day and how wonderful that you guys got to be a part of it. Ya, knowing there's more "crazy" I mean other parents out there that have multiple kids makes you feel a bit more comfortable in whatever situation you are in. (that came out a bit crazy but you get what I mean) 🙂 Glad it was such a good trip.

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