Sick Boys

Isaac and the twins got a yucky stomach/cold virus that lasted a couple of weeks.  It was no fun.  Long story short… the cold went into Isaac’s lungs.  He was up all night after our trip to the zoo unable to breathe. 

He got a nebulizer and some albuterol which helped him out immediately.  The first few times we used it, he zonked out as soon as we started because he could finally breathe again.  We also took a trip to the suction clinic at the hospital.  Poor kid.  The only thing worse than being sick is taking care of sick kids.  Yuck.  Being sick sure makes being well again feel SO GOOD. 


One thought on “Sick Boys

  1. Oh man! I know all about nebulizers and sick kids. I'm so sorry. That picture breaks my heart. I hate having sick kids. Poor little guy!

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