18 Months

This cutie pie is 18 months today.  I had a bad dream about him and a very big car last night.   Without going into details, it was AWFUL.  So today more than usual I have been thinking about how grateful I am to have him and his brothers in my life.  Now that I know them, I don’t think I could live without them. 

Isaac has become more interested in his brothers the last few weeks.  He loves to get them diapers and “feed” them their bottles.  He loves tickling their feet and making them laugh.  They make him laugh too whenever he gets close enough for them to grab him or kick him.  It’s been fun to see their relationships developing.

Isaac was starting to use a lot more words before he got sick and then he kind of reverted back to grunting, pointing and using his baby babble.  He can pretty much communicate what he wants without words so he has been a little bit lazy.  I can sometimes get him to say words that I know he knows after LOTS of coaxing.  The last few days he’s started doing better again so maybe we’ll see some progress again.  Some of his favorite words (usually require no coaxing) right now are:
ball (favorite thing to play with)
Cuk (Cooper)
Ca-ke (Carter)
down (as in downstairs to see his favorite person)
Daddy (aka favorite person)

Isaac loves playing outside in the dirt, looking at the horses across the street and playing with his daddy.  He also loves to eat but only PB&J sandwiches, yogurt, bread, pears, cheese and goldfish crackers.  Hotdogs are a favorite too.  Toddlers…

He is a pretty darn cute toddler though I must admit.

4 thoughts on “18 Months

  1. Hey, Briann, this is Sharon from high school. I found your blog from Tina's, and I just wanted to say your boys are so stinking cute! Good work!

  2. He sure is cute! Oh, I hate those bad dreams. I've had a couple that just really shake me up during the day and make me so emotional. Don't mess with a mommy's babies that's for sure!! I'm glad he's loving his brothers. How cute! I hope he continues to like them… 🙂

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