Twins: Seven (and a half) Months

I am a little late on this post and I attribute it to the twins new-found mobility.  They are CRAWLING! Well, army crawling but they can go up and down the hall, into the bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen.  Basically, they are everywhere and I spend my time putting away little objects that Isaac leaves on the floor as bait for the little bros.  It’s like a little train.  Carter follows Isaac wherever he goes.  Cooper follows Carter.  I follow Cooper.  And I definitely can’t keep up!

I knew that my life would change when they started crawling but I’m still amazed at how MUCH has changed!  I have taken their babyness for granted.  No more leaving doors open (Isaac can open them now so I stopped closing the bathroom/bedroom doors).  No more leaving them alone in the living room while I make dinner/blog/potty/ANYTHING because they will have torn up a whole book by the time I get back.  I thought my house was already baby proofed.  After all, Isaac is still pretty much a baby.  Well, now I’m discovering that my house has adapted with Isaac’s development into a very TODDLER proofed home.  So we’re back to rearranging shelves and cupboards and anything within reach of two busy 7 monthers.

One other development that adds to this new adventure is that just as the twins were learning to move around, Isaac learned how to climb on everything.  Good timing.  I know many kids discover climbing a lot sooner than 19 months so I have been spoiled.  But, alas, he has figured it out.  I found him on the kitchen table the other day.  *sigh* 

The twins’ greatest accomplishment this month (in my book) is they gained a whole lotta weight!  Remember at 6 months they were between 11-12 lbs and had pretty much been the same for two months?  Well a month later they each weighed about 14 pounds (and now they are 16 and 15 pounds)!  Hooray!  They went to an all formula/baby food diet between 6 and 7 months and I feel like it has made all of the difference.  Unfortunately this momma just couldn’t keep up with everything they needed to grow.  I am so happy they are getting enough to eat now. 

Carter and Cooper are still such happy babies.  They have a smile ready for anyone who looks their way.  They are starting to entertain each other and definitely love their big brother.  It’s so fun. 

Today one of the sweet sisters in church held Carter all through sacrament meeting and Sunday school while I was off taking care of other things.  When Cooper and I met back up with her and Carter in relief society, the babies started jabbering away and giggling to one another.  I think they had to tell each other everything that had happened while they were apart.  πŸ˜‰  It was so cute!  It’s so fun seeing them recognize each other and starting to form a fun bond.


2 thoughts on “Twins: Seven (and a half) Months

  1. That's so sweet Bri!! I love the special bond they already have with each other. How cute!!Yes, being mobile does make it harder and everyone thought I was crazy wanting them to walk so soon and I thought it's no different than crawling and I don't have to carry both of them as much and I have definitely LOVED the walking stage now. It's fun to hold their fingers while they walk beside me. Good luck with all the baby proofing. They are adorable!!

  2. BriAnn! Your boys are absolutely adorable πŸ™‚ How fun! I was just looking around at all the stuff I will have to baby proof when my little one is mobile… I think I will cherish these last couple months of non-mobileness!!

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