Twins: Eight Months


  • 16 pounds
  • Can sit himself up from a laying down position
  • Pulls himself up on his knees to furniture and people
  • Army crawls pushing off always with his right leg
  • SHRIEKS to communicate happiness and anger (seriously piercing shrieks that make your ears ring)
  • Has curly hair! (what little he has)
  • Loves jumping in the saucer toy
  • 17 pounds
  • Pulls himself up on his feet to furniture and people (including his brothers…. well he tries but they aren’t strong enough to hold him up…)
  • Army crawls FAST alternating and pushing off both feet (he has blisters on his toes!)
  •  Babbles with real syllables: Ma ma, da da, ba ba are his favorites
  • Has fine, straight hair (yes, I promise he has some)
  • Loves sitting up like a big boy on the musical keyboard with Isaac

3 thoughts on “Twins: Eight Months

  1. I just love how different they are. It keeps it so fun when they are doing different things and they are their own person. Love how their hair is different as well!! Cute, cute, cute!!!

  2. I still can't believe you have three babies. Oh my, I can't even keep up with one. Today was a day when I wondered how I would ever handle one more. You're amazing!

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