Spanish Fork Fiesta Days

I love going to the Spanish Fork Fiesta Days Rodeo and the Parade with the Carters.  We watch the parade from the glass shop and then there is always Two-Jacks pizza from next door for lunch.  I remember doing this ever since I was little.  I’m always sad when we are out of town for on the 24th of July because I miss it when we don’t go.

We took Isaac this year to see all of the animals at the rodeo.  We thought he’d enjoy it since we have horses across the street that he LOVES to look at from the window.  (We had to put a little stool by the window that he can climb on whenever he wants to see them.)  Anyway, he loved it.

Great-Grandpa Carter

Derek has always had to work on Pioneer Day so he’s never been to the parade but I took all three kids this time BY MYSELF.  Whew.  We survived.  I haven’t been very many places by myself yet so it was kind of an adventure (although there were so many family members around to help me that it probably doesn’t count as totally by myself….)

Anyway, I love this family tradition and I’m glad we didn’t miss out.


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