Wedding and Weekend Away

A couple of weeks ago we had a bunch of things line up in the same weekend that let us get out of the house for a few days and spend time as a family.  Derek’s brother got married in Draper on Thursday (Aug 2), there was a family reunion on Saturday in Idaho, a high school reunion Saturday night in Ogden and a baby blessing in Kaysville on Sunday.  I was a little worried about staying away from home three nights in a row with our traveling circus adorable children but it ended up being a really fun weekend together.

Here are a few pictures of us on the wedding day.

The highlight of the trip for Isaac was staying at Great-Grandpa’s in Idaho.  He enjoyed feeding apples to the sheep and having lots of room to run around outside.  (He was lucky to have two grandpas willing to take him outside whenever he asked, too).  I’m also always glad when we can spend time with our grandparents and let our kids get to know their great-grandparents better.  Great-Grandma and Grandpa Christensen are a little farther away than my grandparents so it was good to visit with them for a couple days (and of course enjoy Grandma’s yummy cooking!)  Thanks again for having us over and taking care of us Grandma and Grandpa!


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