Twins: Nine Months

Height: 27.5 in
Weight: 17 lbs 6.5 oz
Babbles ma ma, da da, ba ba and na na
Likes to stand and is pretty stable whenever he lets go of his support
Finally learned to crawl on hands and knees this week.  His preferred method has been a really fast army crawl.  It looked like he was swimming!
Can find any electrical plug in any room in a matter of seconds.
Enjoys most food (not green beans!) and has learned to gum chunks of fruit and bread pretty well.

Height: 26.5 in
Weight: 17 lbs 6.5 oz
Grunts, growls and shrieks.  He sometimes will say “mum” when he is really sad and crying.
Loves to JUMP when he stands so is not very stable when he lets go of furniture.
ALTHOUGH, he has been known to stand all the way up with little or no support.  
Loves his binky and blankie.  He will stand up next to his crib and reach in for both of these items and crawl around the house with them.
Will spit out any food that is not completely pureed. 

This is such a fun age!  They are busy and they are into EVERYTHING but they also play with each other really well.  It’s pretty awesome that they are so good at sharing right now… mostly I think they just like to watch each other play with the toys as much as they like playing themselves.  I know that unfortunately their good manners will end as they learn how to be possessive but we’ll enjoy it for now.  They are discovering each other and how they can interact.  They scream at and laugh with each other and follow each other around the house discovering what mischief they can create together.

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