Labor Day Weekend

Isaac went through all of the peaches and pears that I bottled last year by about May or June.  This year I figured we should triple what we did last year to keep up with what the boys eat around here.  We bought 4 bushels of peaches and 4 bushels of pears.  My mom came Friday and Saturday before Labor Day to do pears (104 jars). 

Here is a shot of all of the peaches (118 jars) we did.  My mom, Derek’s mom and dad and I spent about 7 hours on Labor Day to accomplish this great feat.  Derek was super dad all weekend.  He got to feed, clothe and tend all the boys for those three days.  (Plus he did all of the laundry!)  He’s pretty amazing.

It was lots of work and I hope that we never have to do that many again!  I’m banking on the fact that they will eat a better variety of things this time next year….

Thank you, thank you again moms and dads for your help!


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