Twins: 11 Months

This month has been a busy one for our little guys.  First off, their stats:

We went to the doctor’s office last week to treat some sinus infections (boo) but we were able to get some updated weights for them (yay!) Cooper is 18 lbs 14 oz and Carter is 19 lbs 2 oz.

        Vampire Teeth
Carter has 5 teeth and Cooper has 6.  Cooper is our little vampire for Halloween this year since his side teeth came in before his front ones. He finally grew a front one in yesterday.  Teething x2 (three if you count Isaac) is not super fun.  Just in case anyone was wondering.

They can both walk short distances on their own now!  It’s been really fun to see that they have their own learning styles, personalities and timing which they have demonstrated through this process of taking their first steps.  Cooper started taking three or four steps at a time right after they hit the ten month mark.  He didn’t progress much from there though for a few weeks.  In fact, he decided to take a break for a week or so and wouldn’t walk at all.  Also, when he did walk, he would get his legs going as fast as he could until he lost his balance and fell forward.  He took his first steps pretty early but he’s not very adventurous as far as challenging himself in his new skill unless he knows we are right there to catch/encourage him.  If I put him down in the middle of the room and walk away, he’ll plop right down and start crawling.

Whenever we would try to coax Cooper into walking, Carter would get jealous of the attention he was NOT receiving so he’d crawl over to get a turn.  He kind of missed the whole concept of moving his feet though at all.  He would just fall right over and expect us to catch him.  Then he’d laugh and clap like he had done the most impressive thing in the world.  Eventually, when he did take his first steps, they were very deliberate and balanced.  He has been very motivated  by praise.  He would take more and more steps in order to see our reactions and get hugs and kisses.  He is also really brave.  If I put him down in the middle of the room and walk away, he’ll try taking a few steps in the direction he wants to go until he loses his balance.

Another development this month has been baby wrestling matches.  Was it just last month I was commenting on how good the twins are at sharing and how short lived I knew it would be?  Well, they aren’t sharing anymore.  Carter has learned that his new teeth provide him with a tactical advantage over his brother and he uses them often.  He also likes to head butt Cooper (and Isaac at times) if they have a toy that he wants.  He’ll knock them over and take what he wants.  Cooper has learned to retaliate by kicking and shrieking.  He has also resorted to the head butting method but he lacks the aggression of his twin to be very effective yet.  I feel slightly guilty that I find all of this fighting humorous and kind of adorable.  (A ward member commented that it reminds her of baby bears.)  I know I should intervene (and I do) but there is something unavoidably cute about it.

They are starting to communicate a little bit too.  They can wave and say hey and bye-bye. They say ma-ma, da-da.  Carter says dog.  Cooper says no.  They are so fun to have in our home.  They are still as happy as could be and we sure love them!


One thought on “Twins: 11 Months

  1. I do the same thing. If my twins are fighting over something I just sit back and watch until it gets out of hand and the screaming gets too loud. Hee, hee!! I think it's cute too.They sure are adorable. I can't believe they are almost one!!! Wow!!

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