Happy Birthday Isaac!

Our little guy turned two!!

We had a fun party for him and his friend Kaleb whose birthdays are just a day apart.  We had several toddlers over for a fishy party.  I’m not sure Isaac knew what was going on but he had a great time playing with friends and cousins.  The hit of the party was the kiddie pool filled with play place balls (and extra balloons from the decorations).  That could have entertained them for hours.

Isaac is 25 lbs and has jumped into the 15th percentile! Yay! (Mostly its cuz the other kids his age have stopped growing so rapidly and he’s finally catching up–but we’re excited nonetheless)!!

The last month Isaac has turned into a little parrot.  He follows me around and tries to repeat everything I say.  He is picking up so many words and surprises me nearly everyday with one I didn’t know he knew.  This week the one that made me proud was cacahuate (Spanish for peanut) as he was eating his PB&J.  That’s a 4 syllable Spanish word!  Most of his words aren’t quite so impressive and are still only distinguishable by Mom and Dad but it’s fun to hear him learning.

I love that Isaac is starting to tell me things that he did while he was away from me at his friend’s house or in nursery or at Grandma’s.

Isaac’s favorite things (and people) right now are giraffes, grandpas, the little girl next door, nursery, car rides, stickers, coloring, cars, balls and the temple.  He has learned to spot the temple from wherever we are in town.  I love this of course.  It’s fun that we live so near to one that he can see so often. We’ll have to go to Temple Square soon to see the lights.

He loves playing pretend right now.  Last night at dinner he had Winnie the Pooh sit up to the table and eat with us, bib and all.  He’s starting to have little conversations with his brothers, friends and toys too.  Mostly I can only understand a word here and there of what he says to them–but he knows what he’s saying!

It’s fun to have this helpful and curious little two year old in our house.  We sure love him!


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