Happy Birthday Twins!

We have officially survived the first year of twins.  Some days I thought we’d never make it and others I couldn’t believe how fast time was flying.  Now that their birthday has come and gone, I am amazed at how quickly things change and how much they have grown.  I don’t wish that they were new born babies again (I’m exhausted just thinking about those days…) but I do wish I could remember their babyness for a little bit longer as they are quickly turning into little toddlers.  I am proud of all that they have been able to accomplish.

They can say several words now: hi (and hola!), bye, mom, dad, ball, dog, uh-oh.  Sometimes I think they are trying to say Isaac but I can’t be sure…

They are still into head-butting each other, although, now this can also be an display of affection as well as a defensive maneuver.

They feed themselves!!! Yay!  It took me a long time (it felt like to me anyway) to let them use a spoon because I didn’t want to clean up two big messes (not to mention Isaac’s).  By the time I finally let them go at it, they were ready and they’ve always done a pretty good job.

I know I have said this on like every one of their blog posts but they are Such Happy Boys!  I think Heavenly Father knew I needed some good-natured kids if he was going to send me twins.  I’m so grateful.  I also am sure they get their easy-going personalities from their dad.

Carter says “hi” to every person that walks by in church or that we get close to at the store.  And he is such a tease!  He loves to take both blankies, show them to Cooper and then run away.  He loves to get chased by and wrestle his big brother.  He is also a little daredevil.  Santa Clause brought them a little fisher-price slide and Carter had no fear from the beginning.  He would always try and just walk straight off the front of it before he figured out how to sit down and slide properly.  He loves to be tossed in the air and bounced around.

Cooper has followed his brother’s lead and loves to be goofy too.  He keeps surprising me with all of the words I hear him trying to say.  He has good inflection and imitates really well.  Most of his communication still consists of grunting and his signature Cooper shriek but a couple of times a day he will say something that will catch me off guard because it’s almost too clear to be real. Carter was the twin that started the head-butting thing but Cooper has adopted it and made it all his own.  He has been known to head-butt someone so hard that he hurts himself (and of course doesn’t even phase the other person).

It goes without saying that I love these little guys so much and I can’t wait to see what their second year brings.

PS No pictures because I’m out of picture space on blogspot and still trying to decide what to do about it.  I’ll post some on facebook (and on dropbox those of you who can see them there).


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