A day in the life, a year later

We have been changing to a new schedule with the new year so this is still a work in progress.  Here is what usually happens at our house these days:

6:30ish (aiming for 6:00)
I get up, shower (before 1 or 2 pm!! woah!), read scriptures and start working on breakfast.  I like this change in our schedule even though it means I’m getting up earlier than I have been since I was teaching school.
Derek gets up and gets ready.
Kids get up demanding breakfast now, now now!! and Derek goes down for work.
Derek comes up to grab his breakfast and say hi to the kids before disappearing back downstairs.
The twins can feed themselves (mostly) at this point so I scarf down my breakfast and then empty/fill the dishwasher, tidy the kitchen and maybe start a load of laundry while they eat.
I clean up dirty kids’ faces and hands and the rest of the breakfast dishes and then take them all into the bedroom for diaper changes and clean clothes.  Isaac enjoys picking out his own clothes now and can (mostly) get himself out of his pjs.
No matter what time the kids get up or the speed they eat breakfast, we always manage to be ready for the day right around 9:30.  Their favorite things to do right now are empty the toy bucket and spread it all over the house and or downstairs to slide into the ball pit.
Snack time.
Goldfish crackers and raisins are a staple snack food at our house.
More playtime.
This used to be the twins’ naptime but they dropped it around the first of the month.  This is a big change since before the holidays, this was Isaac’s Sesame Street time and my get-ready time.  I have taken them on errands with me more in the first 3 weeks of this year than I did in all of the last year combined!  In 2012 I took them to the grocery store once, to get the oil changed once and on one frantic Christmas shopping trip.  That’s it.  Most of my errands last year happened while my kids napped peacefully and Derek listened to their quiet breathing over the monitor as he kept working uninterrupted.  (Insert sarcasm here).  Actually, they usually did ok during naptime but the point is, that this is the time of day that I have started to take the kids out with me to run any errands.  I think more than anything else, this has made me feel like I have “joined the real world” again after a two year absence.  I have very mixed feelings about the change.
Derek joins us for lunch.  Can I just say, the boys adore him?  Every time they hear the door to the office downstairs open and close, they all run to the stairs (or yell from their high chairs) to welcome him home.  It’s super cute.
Luckily all three boys will still take about a 2 hour nap at the same time.  I don’t know how I will maintain my sanity when I have to give up that nap time to even just one of them.  I’ll cross that bridge when it comes, I guess.  For now, I get to have a couple of hours to myself.  Most days I go downstairs and “spend time” with Derek.  We usually sit in silence (or listen to a geeky podcast) on our computers but at least we can do it together. 🙂
I usually try to get them to eat yogurt or cheese or something slightly more filling so that they can make it until dinner.  They have this habit of clinging to my legs while I’m cooking dinner if they think it’s taking to long.  Three clingy toddlers with only two legs to cling to = no bueno.
More playing.
I start making dinner.  (Like most moms, I feel like I basically spend my day making and cleaning up meals/snacks.  As soon as one mess is cleaned up, it’s time to start on the next one….)
Derek comes up in time for dinner.  We spend the next hour or so arm wrestling our kids to eat and getting a bite or two in for ourselves every so often.  Derek usually works with Isaac (because he won’t eat anything except yogurt and PBJ for me) while I help the twins.  I think I have the easier job.  They don’t have very good aim yet so my job is to steer their utensils in the general direction of their face.
Clean up and playtime.
Derek and I have found that life is better for us when we do things together rather than divide and conquer.  So, we wash the table and dishes together before starting on the rest of the house and the kids.
Bedtime routine.
We clean up all of the toys that have been strewn in every corner of the house.  Carter and Cooper are finally getting in on the fun of clean up… just in time for Isaac to start to avoid it of course.  🙂  After the toys are picked up we herd them all into the bedroom (and shut the door so no one escapes) for pajamas.  Derek reads to a twin and Isaac in the rocker while I read with the other twin on the floor.  Sometimes this lasts for 30 minutes, sometimes only 5.  The last book we try and read is the Book of Mormon reader and then have a prayer.  Somewhere around 8:00 we take them all into the bathroom to brush teeth.  Cooper hates it.  Carter loves it.  Isaac has his days.
Derek and I each rock a twin by their cribs while Isaac sits in the rocker with his blue blanket, giraffe blanket, Paco the giraffe and his giraffe backback (notice a theme? Thanks Grandmas!).  Cooper goes down pretty well and then one of us keeps rocking Carter while the other rocks Isaac.  Carter and Isaac go down at the same time and all is peaceful again until tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “A day in the life, a year later

  1. Oh wow! This sounds all too familiar. I need to write one of these but it just never sounds as hectic as it really is when you write it down. I feel like jello at the end of my days and just want to crash most of the time. I wish we could experience all of this together. You will love reading this next year. So glad you posted this!!!

  2. Wow!! You are much better at scheduling than I am! I should be better, but I'm not. But I am lucky that I have help in the evening when Eric is at work, at least for the time being. Sounds like you have crazy days! We need to get together sometime soon!!

  3. wow. you AMAZE me. i, too, feel like most of my day is filled with emptying or filling the dishwasher, doing laundry and comforting a toddler clinging to my leg as i attempt to cook dinner. the difference?? you have three! oh my. how will i handle two?

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