Chicago: Day 1

We spent pretty much the whole day at the Shedd Aquarium. We were planning on doing two museums in one day but by the time we purchased our train tickets, got into town and got our CityPASS vouchers redeemed for tickets, our morning was pretty much gone.


I’m not gonna lie, the first hour I was thinking that the aquarium was pretty lame…not much better than the aquarium back home.  ImageBut then we went downstairs and found all of the fun stuff.  So, if you ever go to the aquarium in Chicago, go downstairs first! 🙂 They have a pretty neat exhibit of jellyfish right now.  Isaac LOVED watching the jellies. Image We saw sharks and stingrays, big turtles and otters then spent a million dollars in the food court for lunch.  We got admission to an aquatic show with our CityPASS so we headed there next.  That was neat.  There were dolphins and belugas and a seal that did tricks. Carter was mesmerized.  He entertained the kids in front of us by yelling out “doggie!” to every animal he saw. Image

We bought a double umbrella stroller for the trip (which has been so, so convenient…especially as a luggage carrier!) and Isaac finally got a ride when we headed back to the hotel.  He crashed before we were even out of the aquarium.  He’s been such a trooper.ImageImageImage

The hotel desk clerk recommended a little Italian sandwich place for dinner (awesome!) and then we went swimming in an attempt to get every last bit of energy out of the boys.  Carter and Isaac had a blast.  Cooper whimpered the whole time but he at least got in the pool for 20 minutes or so before he completely melted down.  Last time we went swimming he screamed bloody murder the moment we walked into the pool area.  Baby steps…

Just one other note: I am so grateful for nice people! Everyone has been so friendly and helpful.  That has been a huge relief to this Momma with her traveling tots.


2 thoughts on “Chicago: Day 1

  1. Your twins are getting so big! They look almost the size that Isaac is. They are all just adorable Bri!! Have so much fun. I’ve always wanted to see Chicago.

  2. how fun! you make me laugh! All of your boys are so adorable!! wish i got to see them! thats funny about cooper and the water! Love the pic with one of the twins in your jacket! (sorry don’t know which one 😦 )

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