Flight to Chicago

Well, we survived our first flight with the toddlers.

I got butterflies right as we got to the airport and wondered what we had gotten ourselves into.  Everything turned out just fine. Security was a little more stressful than normal but there wasn’t a long line and we made it through with just a few little hiccups: (Momma forgot to take her cell phone out of her pocket and the liquids out of the bag….you know… the basics…)


We were über early (combination of nervous/over-prepared parents and a delayed flight) so we spent a lot of time letting the boys wander around the airport.  When we finally got on the plane, the steward moved us into a whole row in the back that was empty so we could kind of spread out and give the kids some room.  This was so awesome.  I didn’t even care that we were right by the engines and the bathroom. We had space and we were together.

We had to sit on the plane for about 40 minutes before leaving (blah) but as soon as we took off Carter fell asleep!! Yay! Derek and I took turns with each of the twins and managed to keep them pretty happy until about the last 40 minutes.  I think we would have been set had we not had to sit there so long before take-off.  Also, Carter’s ears were pretty sensitive during landing.  We’ll have to stock up on some suckers for the flight home. ImageImage

Isaac sat by Aunt Janel and was pretty well entertained the whole way. Apart from a tiny orange juice incident, his flight was smooth sailing.  He was so excited about everything from his airplane shirt to his giraffe backpack full of goodies. It was so fun to watch him.  Image

I am glad my munchkins did so well.  And proud.


One thought on “Flight to Chicago

  1. Oh wow!! A good flight is a HUGE success! I don’t like flying with all 5 kids. It is stressful!! Have fun in Chicago. I can’t wait to read all about it!

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