Chicago: Day 4

Today was the first day of conference for Derek so Janel and I were on our own again with the boys.  We walked over to the Field Museum after PB&J for breakfast (yeah, no continental breakfast and I wasn’t up for a restaurant with the kids that early in the morning…).  We spent almost all day there.  We still ran into field trip kids but I felt like there was more room to spread out than in the science museum.  Also, the CityPASS got us in to most of the “extra” exhibits that aren’t included in basic admission so we avoided the school kids whenever we went in those.  The boys had to hang out in the stroller for the most part but there was a lot to keep them interested: LOTS of animals!, dinosaur bones and lots of buttons to push and okay things to feel at their level.  We were able to see a lot and keep the kids entertained for like 5 hours.  Pretty impressive.Image

ImageAfter the kids were thoroughly done with the museum, we walked through Grant Park and found an area mostly enclosed with shrubs and let the boys loose.  They chased a rabbit, watched squirrels and found the only patch of dirt in the whole park to dig in.  So great.  After about an hour we walked up to Millennium Park to take a picture by the huge bean.  Since the sun finally decided to come out, it was the perfect day to be outside.





We shopped for souvenirs (and breakfast food….) on our way back to the hotel.  We got back just in time to go to dinner with Daddy.  We drove (because our feet had enough walking for the day) to Pizzeria Due for Chicago deep dish pizza.  It was so, so good.  We should have ordered ahead.  Each pizza takes like 40 minutes to bake.  So the kids were starving again and super tired.  They didn’t hold together as well as last night.  I finally took the twins outside to walk while everyone else finished eating.


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