Chicago: Day 6

Our last full day in the Windy City started with breakfast at Pret a Manger (pain au chocolat for me!) and a walk in the park. I really wanted to take the boys to the Lincoln park zoo but there just wasn’t an easy way to get there on public transit without taking the bus (not willing to face that disaster on my own– especially after last night) or walking a million miles. Isaac has been a trooper but I didn’t want to push him too far. I have been using my Moby wrap a lot but I was feeling my back starting to act up so I’m taking it easy on carrying boys today. I even tried to take a cab but they wouldn’t take my kids without car seats. That’s good of them I guess but I am disappointed that we aren’t going to make it this trip.


Instead we did a little souvenir shopping, some train watching and more dirt digging at the park. The twins’ favorite city sights are choo-choos, doggies and buses. Isaac loves riding the “eligators” and always has to help push the buttons. I have to be quick to make sure he doesn’t push the emergency/alarm ones. (Who ever thought to put those down at two year old level??)


We got Chicago dogs and grilled cheese from Chicago Carry Out grill just down the road from our hotel and then had a picnic in our room. Daddy even came up to visit for a minute. Then we all laid down for a blessed and much needed nap–first one they’ve had all week. That’s one upside to missing out on the zoo today.


It’s been fun to travel with the kids and see all of the reactions different people have. Most just stare as they walk by. Some say stuff (mostly about how dang cute the boys are) to each other like we are a tourist attraction. A few actually talk to us just to state the obvious (you have a lot of kids there, you have your hands full, they are so cute, etc). Lots ask us if they are twins/triplets. So many help to hold doors or give up seats for us. The most friendly are usually fellow moms of multiples or ones who have kids close together. The best reaction yet came from a nice man today while I was waiting for lunch. He said “Bless you,” “crossed” me and then walked away.  At first I wondered if he was being sarcastic but later he came back to talk to me a bit and to entertain the kids (they were getting impatient…). Thank you, nice man. I could definitely use more blessings like you.  🙂

We just spent the afternoon in the hotel room packing.  As soon as Daddy was done with his conference we went out for pizza again at Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria.  We hoped to swim after dinner but the pool is only for swimming laps.  Isaac was very disappointed.  But they all got down to bed early so they will be well rested for the plane ride home.


One thought on “Chicago: Day 6

  1. Oh my heavens. I love the story of the nice man who “blessed” you. 🙂 People are so fun. And there really are great people out there! 🙂 What a nice day to end your trip!

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